Recently, I attended my ten-year high school reunion. Then I realized that I’ve been out of high school for ten years and wondered what I have been doing with myself since that time. This ePortfolio expands on many of the items listed in my CV while also reflecting on my developing research and teaching interest and expertise.

Teaching experiences (links open in new window)

Virginia Tech

During my time at Virginia Tech, I have worked with first-year high school students, undergraduate students, and graduate students. This upcoming fall (2017), I have been invited to co-develop and lead a faculty inquiry group facilitating interactions with Disabled students.

Auburn University

At Auburn University, I co-taught the Civil Engineering laboratory sessions for Structural Analysis (CIVL 3610) for three semesters. During this time, I was responsible for half of the technical communication grading, which resulted in a change to the course structure that invited writing instructors from Auburn’s Miller Writing Center to give a short presentation explaining their services and how they could support engineering students.

Teaching Philosophy

One of the more important things that I believe that we do as educators is to examine our own preconceptions and beliefs about the work we perform. Not only are we managing content (and its delivery), but we are working with people coming from a wide variety of backgrounds. My teaching philosophy reflects on what I have learned about what works (so far), and what I am striving to keep working on within my own pedagogical practice.

Research experiences (links to papers open in new window)